Clever solutions that boost your packing lines

Nested pack, Easy Opening, Dividing & collating

Innovation 2016: Demos 90° divider and grouping unit
2 new modules to easily create any grouping within an ultra-compact floorspace, with maximum container protection.

Nest’packer staggering devices for shrink-wrappers of all makes

Femaag is the only supplier able to propose simple solutions to produce 4 different patterns of nested packs: Choose the one that generates maximum savings

EOP: Shrink packs Easy-to-Open solution

A reliable solution easy to install on any shrink-wrapper that offers a convincing feature to consumers. Add value to your packs at negligible cost.

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Cyril Touchet
142 ZA de Reux
14130   Reux
+33 (0)6 35 34 54 12
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