components for power transmission and linear motion

Prescription of power transmission solutions and linear motion.

polyurethane belt with linatex coating

Consultant of solutions and innovative , Fogex offers a complete range of mechanical transmissions products for manufacturers in the field of packaging and food processing.

polyurethane belts ELATECH

  • FDA belts for use in food environment
  • Wide range of coatings and machining products for conveyor
  • Standard and special cleats for training and handling pieces

Planetary gearboxes SHIMPO

  • Adaptable to all servomotors
  • Range of reducers in food quality
  • Mini Backlash: 1arcmin

Precision linear Actuators THOMSON

  • Electric actuator ball screw
  • Interchangeable interfaces to pneumatic actuators ISO 25,32,40
  • Stainless components for corrosion resistance IP65

Servo positioning SIKO

  • Automation Manual operations control
  • Productivity increased by changes shortened formats
  • Pilotage by all types of bus ter
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