Robotics and conveying solutions for food & beverage, personal & home care, chemical markets

Tailor-made and standard machines engineering and manufacturing for high speed packaging lines

Robotic palletiser & ancillaries equipments

Part of NSC group, FEGE has more than 26 years of know-how in robotics and conveying of bottles, soft pouches, cans, case... Focused on safety and customer services, FEGE is well-kown for its innovative process and patented technologies.

The company designs custom robotic case packer and palletiser (several formats, multi-function tool...), also emboxing/deboxing robot for wine process and caging/deloader robot for retort room automation.

Simple and reliable, the lane divider TRAINTONIC divides a flow of products in several lanes, before case packing or palletising at high speed (120 m/min). The accumulation table ACCUTRONIC ensures pressureless and FIFO buffering, naturally multi-format without need to change side guides.

Other equipments:
- bottle air dryer
- vision inspection & rejection system of faulty products
- conveyors and ancillaries equipments

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Pôle d'activités d'Argonne
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