French designer and manufacturer of packaging machines for flexible pouches

Packaging specialist in flexible pouch: pillow pouch, Pep Up®, DOYPACK®

Thimonnier, designs and produces in France pouches for liquid, pasty and solid products in food, detergency, cosmetics and pharmacy sectors, as well as radio frequency presses and generators.

Inventor of flexible packaging for milk, berlingots and DOYPACK®, Thimonnier also manufactures special machines. From design to installations and after-sales, it has a full range of equipments ranging from manual welding machines to automatic lines whose output can reach 250 pouches per minute.

The company keeps innovating and devotes 25% of its turnover to R & D. Concerned about environmental issues, Thimonnier offers equipments to help reduce waste. Eco-refills in DOYPACK®, or in berlingots or pillow pouches made from single-material film are economical and responsible alternatives to packaging systems in cartons, bottles or canned goods

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Contact :
Eric Duhoo
11 avenue de la paix
69650   Saint-Germain au Mont d'Or
+33 (0)4 72 08 19 19
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