Designer and manufacturer of a lifting conveyor for delicate, sticky and/or pasty bulk products

Liftvrac, the ultimate conveyor for your delicate, sticky and/or pasty products

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LIFTVRAC company designs and manufactures a unique and patented lifting conveyor belt system specifically dedicated to DELICATE, STICKY and/or PASTY products. Thanks to its flat belt which is progressively formed in to a tube, the LIFTVRAC conveying system is much more efficient than any other existing system available on the market (worm screw, band container, slatted belt, suction system,...). It respects the most fragile products and at the same time permits a significant reduction in the waste of product. Very easy to clean, it will fit into tight spaces and will adapt to any customer's specification thanks to its wide range of modules and accessories.

In order to optimize the performance of its system, LIFTVRAC designed several hoppers:

  • Hopper with anti-bridging system for compact products
  • Flow-regulating hopper for very thick products
  • Crumbling hopper to separate agglomerated frozen products
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Contact :
Marcel Boursier
7, rue du Progrès - ZA de la Croix Danet
44140   Geneston
+33 (0) 2 40 16 76 30
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