Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology

Xplanar by Beckhoff: free-floating movers for non-contact movement

Xplanar system, revolution in motion

As an automation and motion specialist, Beckhoff is setting new benchmarks in drive technology with the eXtended planar motor system.

Free-floating planar movers move jerk-free and contact-free at up to 4 m/s over planar tiles that can be arranged in any desired layout. The movers are kept at a defined distance by electromagnetic forces. Travelling magnetic fields generated in the planar tiles provide for a precise and highly dynamic positioning of the movers.

The result: maximum possible flexibility in layout and architecture, maximum positioning flexibility and optimal simplification of machines and plants. Contaminants from transported goods are not spread throughout the plant; liquids can be transported without spilling over; wear and emissions due to friction are eliminated. The XPlanar system represents a new drive concept with a unique value proposition for general machine manufacturing and in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and in both vacuums and clean rooms.

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