Support solution for your palletizing line

Automatic tie sheet cutting machine EXCALIBUR


Automatic tie sheet cutting machine for tie-sheets to be integrated into palletizing lines.

May be integrated into all automatic palletizing lines:

- poly-articulated robotic palletizers
- high-level layer palletizers
- low-level palletizers
- bag palletizers
- palletizers for cases and so on...

EXCALIBUR® pulls the desired sheet length directly off the roll and custs it. The tie-sheets are then transported automatically on a conveyor to a designated position. The palletizer or palletizing robot's gripper recovers the sheet and inserts it between the rows of products to be palletized. Upon request, EXCALIBUR® unrolls the roll and cuts off another sheet.

4 reasons to choose EXCALIBUR:

Optimize your palletizing speeds
Optimize your packaging costs
Reduce your stocks
Reduce your direct and indirect costs of pelletizing consumables

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Contact :
Marianne PFISTER
74 Route de Bourges
18110   Saint-Georges-sur-Moulon
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