Leading manufacturer of perfume and cosmetic filling lines

PKB is celebrating its 70th Anniversary and is rapidly embracing the transition to Industry 4.0


PKB is the premier Machine Supplier to the Perfumery and Cosmetics Industries for the filling of perfumes, cosmetics (shampoo, lotions, gel, foam bath, liquid soap, shower gel, hair-dye, makeup remover, deodorant, cosmetic cream jar, etc) and color cosmetics (nail varnish, foundation, lip-gloss, eyeliner, mascara). PKB has sold more than 12,000 machines worldwide.

As a key-player in the project “Factory of the Future”, PKB presents a powerful new diagnostic tool on its LINO Machine. A multitude of visual performance data can be displayed real-time on your tablet or smartphone, helping to drive your decision-making and analysis. The LINO can now communicate more intelligently with the rest of your production line.

This same tool will be presented on our EKO machine, which also features the integration of a COBOT for loading and unloading of glass bottles into pucks.

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