1st French manufacturer of measuring instruments for integrity control of food packagings

Gas analyzer and micro leak measurement system

Abiss® OXYLOS Hygienic Design

Designer and manufacturer of measuring instruments, ANEOLIA is the French leader for food packages control. When packaging integrity is an issue, our instruments allow our clients to improve their knowledge and understanding of system behavior "packaging / product" with a pragmatic method.

In our range, OXYLOS allows to combine on the same packaging, gas analysis, leak measurement and strength of sealing measurement at the production workshop. In one cycle you get all needed information to check, characterize, qualify your packages of any kind, whether flexible (highly deformable) or rigid. Integrated to the production line or installed to realize spot tests, the test is really easy, does not require consumables or even human action: a unique performance, a single cycle

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Contact :
Adeline Giboutet
19 rue du Bois de la Remise - ZA du Tremblay
91480   Varennes-Jarcy
+33 (0)1 60 48 51 61
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